Our primary focus is on senior and stretch senior loans. Our senior loan product is a low-cost alternative to more expensive bridge loans. We lend with a conservative mindset at competitive rates against good quality assets.

Borrowers often find themselves in need of short-term funding. This may involve a property being purchased at auction or as part of a competitive process. We are here to help.

Our underwriting process is designed to help you obtain credit approval quickly and our execution processes are streamlined to deliver funds into your account within days.

Typical Loan Terms - Senior (not stretch)

Up to 65%
Loan-to-Cost Up to 70%
Asset Classes
  • Residential (unregulated) investment assets
  • Offices assets
  • Retail
  • Industrial assets
  • Leisure assets
  • Freeholds / Ground rent assets
  • Land with planning permission
  • Developments (on a case-by-case basis)
 Size  £0.5 – £5.0m per loan
 Tenor  6 – 36 months
 Rate  0.575 – 0.850% p.c.m.
  • Within M25 or large regional cities
  • Other UK locations (case-by-case basis)
 Type of borrower Individual, UK corporate, Offshore Co. (Jersey Co, BVI Co, etc.), subject to KYC and offshore legal opinions




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  • Mezzanine

    Active mezzanine lender with experience in a variety of asset types, incl. London residential developments. Ready intercreditor terms in place with a range of large lenders.