Excellion Capital is a unique boutique

Excellion Capital is exclusively dedicated to real estate and asset-backed investments. If you are purchasing, refinancing or developing a property – or a series of assets – our Real Estate Finance advisory team will assist you in optimising your capital structure. And if you are aware of an attractive asset becoming available for purchase, speak to our investments team; we can purchase it outright or partner with you. At Excellion, we combine the best of old-world finance with modern technology in streamlined processes. We have years of experience in traditional advisory and principal investments.

A specialist in niche areas

We have been active in real estate for more than twelve years now. In the earlier years, our firm was active in a variety of different sectors, including but not limited to real estate. In 2016, on the back of a remarkable track record in UK real estate investments in particular, we decided to dedicate ourselves fully to UK real estate, including several UK property market niches. We have committed significant resources to gain a thorough understanding of the market landscape within them. One example for this is real estate lending in the UK, where we have set up:

  • Real Estate Finance division, a dedicated advisory business, part of Excellion Capital; and
  • Fintex Confluence, the UK secured lending arm of our sister company, Fintex Capital

Another area in UK real estate to which we are fully dedicated is:

  • Hotels in London, where the principals of Excellion established Manex Properties, a Joint Venture with the Amano Group (Germany). In H2 2018, Manex acquired Drury House in Covent Garden with a view to developing it into a 140-key Hotel

Other examples of niches of UK real estate in which we have established in-depth insights and transactional experience include: UK Ground Rents, where we transacted in repeat fashion with an operating partner; Co-working (think: WeWork), where Excellion Investments invested in a majority equity position to support an established operator before successfully exiting our investment to a large private equity house, and freehold pubs (UK nationwide) an area in which we have made been invested for many years.

Innovate. Replicate

Technology evolves at an ever accelerating rate. Innovation is core to our business. Whether that’s in developing a unique platform as described above, or in creating new financial products capable of replication: from the very outset, our approach is to innovate, then replicate. Hence, where we see opportunity for repeat business, we invest as much time as necessary to prepare documents, create systems and design processes that will then support repeat transactions.

Big data, analytics, algorithms, machine learning, artificial intelligence, cognitive learning systems play an ever-growing role in commerce. This brave new world creates opportunities. We believe this will also render many existing industries and business practices obsolete. By embracing technology, we will not become obsolete.

Our team shares a passion for adopting new ways of doing business. We use technology to streamline our processes, create databases and automate systems to enable our team to take decisions backed by relevant data, which they have at their fingertips. Time is our most valuable commodity. We therefore seek to use it efficiently. We are prepared to invest energy upfront to achieve longer term gain through ease of replication. In this way, we innovate not just for today’s investments, but for tomorrow’s too.

Our team

Founded in 2007 in London by Robert Stafler and Raffael Johnen, our work has spanned the globe and we have advised companies based in or with interests in the UK, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, France, Poland, the Middle East, and South East Asia. Since 2013, Robert Stafler has been the sole CEO of Excellion Capital. Robert now leads Excellion Capital together with Ashley Marks.

Whilst our team is as international as our client base, our focus is on UK real estate. We have a combined 100+ year professional track record, gained in the world’s leading investment banks and institutions, including JP Morgan, Cazenove, AXA Real Estate Investment Managers and Royal Bank of Scotland. The diversity of our team’s backgrounds and experiences is invaluable and helps us forging close and meaningful long-term relationships with clients and partners. These relationships very much lie at the heart of our business. We give our all to our clients and our partners and have built our business on the mantra that we only succeed when others succeed with us.

Core values

The following values express how we believe our business should be run.

By setting these principles out on our website, we hold ourselves accountable to deliver results with integrity and excellence.

  • Professional – Integrity and excellence are core to our business
  • Risks are identified and measured, and disclosed with integrity and pro-actively managed
  • Excellence – Excellion Capital operates with integrity, determination and perseverance to deliver results
  • Complexity doesn’t scare us; we distil complex situations to deliver elegant, simple solutions
  • Independent – free of conflicts of interest that prevail in larger organisations
  • Selective – we only get involved where we believe we can add substantial value
  • IT is key – we leverage technology to automate processes and achieve repeat success
  • Optimistic – ‘Only those who attempt the absurd can achieve the impossible.’ (Albert Einstein)
  • No tolerance for behaviour inconsistent with these Core Values

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