Excellion: The unique boutique

Excellion Capital is exclusively dedicated to real estate and asset-backed investments. If you are purchasing, refinancing or developing a property or a series of assets: our Real Estate Finance advisory team will assist you in optimising your capital structure.

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And if you come across an attractive asset that is becoming available for purchase: speak to our investments team. We can purchase it outright or we can partner with you.

At Excellion, we combine the best of old-world finance with modern technology in streamlined processes. We are a trusted advisor and valued partner. Our firm has been around for 13 years and our investments team has decades of experience in traditional advisory as well as principal investments.

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A specialist in niche areas

We have been active in real estate for more than a decade.

In the earlier years, our firm was active in a variety of different sectors, including real estate. In 2016, on the back of a remarkable track record in UK real estate investments in particular, we decided to dedicate ourselves fully to real estate, including several property market niches. We have committed significant resources and have a thorough understanding of the market landscape within several key niches within UK property markets.

Real Estate debt

Within Real Estate debt specifically, we have established 2 separate businesses:
1. Our Real Estate Finance division, a dedicated advisory business, part of Excellion Capital; and
2. Fintex Confluence, the UK secured lending arm of our sister company, Fintex Capital

Investments in UK Real Estate

Other examples of areas within UK real estate in which we have established in-depth insights and transactional experience include:

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  • Hotels, where Excellion have established a JV with the German Hotelier group with a view to developing hotels in Zone 1, London;
  • UK Ground Rents, where we transacted in repeat fashion together with an operating partner;
  • Co-working (think: WeWork), where Excellion Investments invested in a majority equity position to support an established operator before successfully exiting our investment to a large private equity house; and
  • Freehold pubs, an area in which we have made multiple investments to back a leading operator, Red Oak Taverns.

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  • Assisting borrowers with hassle-free finance

  • Our proprietary investment business makes asset-backed investments in the UK

  • We work in partnership with all our retained clients and assist them with all their debt financing needs.