Excellion is an active mezzanine lender with significant experience in a range of real estate assets. This includes investment assets as well as developments – for the latter, in particular, residential developments in London. We have, for example, extended several loans against partially constructed developments where there was a desire to improve specification or where the project had experienced a cost overrun.

Having acted in a mezzanine capacity in partnership with various senior lenders, we have pre-agreed intercreditor terms at the ready. This enables us to determine swiftly if a mezzanine loan works in a specific situation.

Our team takes a pro-active approach to underwriting loans, applying a real sense of urgency whilst avoiding unnecessary complexity, costs and delays.

Typical Loan Terms

60 – 75%
Loan-to-Cost 60 – 80%
Asset Classes
  • Residential development assets
  • Typical exit values sub-£1,000psf
  • Preference for unit values between £400,000 and £800,000
  • Permitted development (PD) schemes
  • Commercial Investment assets
 Size £0.75 – £3.0m per loan
 Tenor 6 – 24 months
 Rate 1.15 – 1.50% p.c.m.
  • Within M25 or large regional cities
  • Other UK locations (case-by-case)
 Type of borrower Individual, UK corporate, Offshore Co. (Jersey, BVI, etc.) subject to offshore legal opinions


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