We particularly like the interplay between hard assets and their operations. Our team ¬†knows and understands “bricks and mortar” on the one hand, and corporate investments on the other. We actively source unique asset-backed investment opportunities for institutional clients, PropCo.’s and selected family offices. Therefore, if the opportunity you have in mind involves an OpCo and a PropCo., or UK real estate together with a private equity element, Excellion Capital is the ideal choice for your transaction.

As experienced merchant bankers, we are accustomed to assessing asset fundamentals as well as the corporate side of the investment propositions.


  • Equity

    We have direct access to a large and high calibre network of investors. Our market knowledge enables us to help our clients approach institutional and private sources of capital to secure equity investment.

  • Other equity

    At Excellion we help our clients identify and pursue strategic alternatives, devise strategies to enhance shareholder value, and raise capital to meet growth objectives.