Advisory is about finding solutions. That’s what we do every day for our select clients.  Our objective is to build long-term relationships as a trusted advisor and investment partner. We are highly selective in the advisory mandates we take on and our focus is on situations with considerable potential for repeat business. We only work on a small number of transactions at any one time to deliver valuable, lasting solutions.

Our team combines operational know-how and financial expertise, providing clients and partners with the resources they need to reach their long-term objectives. Independent and nimble, our can-do attitude is neither compromised by unnecessary bureaucracy nor by the conflicts of interest inherent in large investment firms and banks.

Be it an asset-backed private equity investment that requires bespoke financing, a multi-national corporate selling non-core assets or a private company facing severe challenges in need of a quick turnaround, we help our trusted clients achieve what they can’t do on their own.

Innovate. Replicate.

To assist our clients, we work tirelessly to find the best possible outcome. We look at all issues from every angle and devise a bespoke solution that solves the problem. In doing so, we ask ourselves right from the outset whether the unsolved problem is unique – or how other market participants are likely to face similar challenges. Can the solution be applied in other situations? If yes, we get excited. That’s because we innovate to replicate.

Decades of experience in markets such as the UK, Germany, Israel, US and India means we have direct access to a wide network of corporates, banks, institutional and HNWI capital sources. Where our task is to raise capital, we are committed to finding unique solutions to achieve the lowest cost for our clients. Our client base comprises public companies as well as private businesses. We focus exclusively on illiquid assets and special situations.

We back our clients with capital

As a boutique merchant bank with in-house investment capabilities, we combine strategic corporate finance advice with our experience as lenders and principal investors. Wherever it is appropriate, we bring our own funds to bear to lend or invest, thereby participating as principal, just like traditional merchant bankers who invest alongside their clients. This makes Excellion Capital a trusted capital provider – a reliable partner with properly aligned interest. And we only present investment ideas to partners and clients once we are satisfied that pursuing them is in their best interest.

Our people are our strength

Our team honed its expertise at some of the world’s premier investment firms. This includes JP Morgan, Citi, Morgan Stanley, JP Morgan Cazenove, Societe Generale and AXA Investments. As a team, we have executed scores of strategic transactions. In the 10 years of our firm’s existence, we have raised hundreds of millions, completing transactions with a combined value in the billions.

Our focus

  • Debt

    Excellion has a deep understanding of lending – from simple loans to structured credit and securitisations. Our experience, honed through decades of transaction execution in global capital markets, encompasses public as well as private debt.

  • Equity

    We have direct access to a large and high-calibre network of investors. Our market knowledge enables us to help clients and partners approach institutional and private sources of capital to secure optimal equity investment.

  • M&A

    Our team has a thorough understanding of the ingredients required for successful M&A. Valuation methodologies, vendor and acquirer due diligence, capital structure considerations, strategies and tactics, corporate law, tax, regulatory, accounting - you name it, we've done it.