Uniquely qualified to help our clients navigate credit markets – an increasingly complex maze

Excellion has a thorough understanding of credit. Our experience ranges from asset-backed lending to structured credit, public securitisations, private loans, senior secured and mezzanine. With many years of successful transaction structuring and execution behind us, across global debt and equity capital markets, we feel comfortable working across the capital structure.

Importantly, we are direct lenders ourselves. Whilst we don’t advise clients where we are a lender, we can advise where we don’t lend. (Read more about our activities at Excellion Lending.)

As specialist lenders, we are intimately familiar with different approaches to credit. We also understand what active lenders require as well as their underwriting standards and processes. This enables us to accurately evaluate lending opportunities to proceed in the most efficient way.

We identify the most relevant lenders for each particular opportunity and approach them with skill. Close relationships with a variety of lending firms, including alternative lenders not visible to all market participants, lie at the heart of our business. With an in-depth understanding of each lender’s product offerings and requirements, we can navigate the market, create competitive tension and negotiate and optimise terms. Lastly, Fintex Capital, a firm incubated by Excellion Capital, is an institutional investor on alternative lending platforms; this further broadens our understanding while deepening our access and relationships.

Our focus

  • Real Estate Lending

    Excellion Capital combines in-depth knowledge of the UK property sector with years of expertise in debt advisory. Our clients value our ability to arrange and structure debt.

  • Structured Debt

    We originate and implement bespoke financing solutions for transactions across a range of sectors.